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You want to set up an antiterrorism program at your company or NGO.  What do you do?  For all that has been said and written in the security field since 9-11, there is still no antiterrorism planning guidance available for security professionals outside of government. 

Part of the problem lies in a lack of understanding of the different roles that governments and private industry play in the fight against terrorism. 

Counterterrorism is the name for the active measures that police, military, intelligence and diplomacy use to detect and apprehend terrorists. 

Antiterrorism is the name for the passive measures that security professionals use to protect their companies or NGOs from terrorists.  In the antiterrorism world it is not our job to destroy terrorist groups - we just want to convince them to leave us alone while the counterterrorism forces hunt them down.

We develop our antiterrorism plan through understanding the terrorists' planning cycle, and using it against them.

Terrorism is an act of communication. Through violence, terrorists communicate with governments and the public.  Antiterrorism measures are how we communicate with terrorists, and our message is clear: you will not succeed here.


Antiterrorism works closely with counterterrorism.  We share information back and forth - they provide us with threat intelligence, and we provide them with suspicious or unusual incident information.  We need each other to be successful.  We are equal partners in the fight against terrorism.

We can take back the initiative.


Antiterrorism planning is not about spending more money on security: it is about how you organize the resources you already have; how you train your guards; how you prepare. A well-executed antiterrorism plan should reduce other forms of crime as well because your guards and employees are better trained in security and more alert.


First, though, counterterrorism forces and antiterrorism planners  have to talk to each other.  That, along with a common method of preventing terrorist attacks, is what this site is trying to promote.

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